Wanna be embroidery fashion designer?

The fashion sketch is the foundation for clothing style designs. Fashion experts take different approaches to creating their images of inspiration, but all fashion drawings share some fundamental components. You don't have to be an excellent artist to succeed. Though learning how to fashion sketch takes quite a bit of practice, there are tips and tricks to help you progress quickly.
To Become a Fashion Designer.You must be a able to create the designs for clothing and accessories in stores around the world. However, few designers become as successful as Versace, Kashif Paul and some other great designers. Most work for mass-market manufacturers, designing basic pieces of clothing.
kashif Paul is a successful Embroidery and Logo Designer and you can reach him any time you need a good and quality Embroidery and Logo Design. He always there for to satisfy you. He in partnership with Michelle Smith and they are all doing well in their respective business.

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